Live at Spice on Snow

Video Series

For the first time ever, The Freight Hoppers are pleased to release videos right here on our website for our fans to download!

**Scroll down to see them!**

We have shared most of these videos on our Facebook page over the last few months. If you haven't seen them, click here to watch them.

We want to make sure you can enjoy these videos whenever you want.


We had hoped to create a DVD for sale, but there is a high production cost with low market interest.


So we hope you'll support our music by purchasing the videos to download for your private viewing only (not to upload on your own social media outlets).

In a world where art is increasingly free to consume, we hope you will consider chipping in to help us recoup the cost of creating these exciting videos!

Thank you for supporting our music!


The Freight Hoppers

David, Frank, Allie, and Amanda

PS - If you are unable to purchase at this time, please consider helping us by sharing this link with your friends!