Two Mules - Adam Tanner & Frank Lee (2005)

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Old time banjo and fiddle music from these two North Carolina musicians. 12 pieces from the archaic sounds of the South. All pieces feature fretless or fretted banjo and fiddle. Alternate tunings with all tunings included in the liner notes. These songs and tunes were learned from the original artist's recordings. The artists include Fiddling John Carson, Leadbelly, Clyde Davenport, Tommy Jarrell, Joe Birchfield, Garfield Akers, Emmet Lundy and Grayson and Whittier.

Slide banjo is featured on Dough Roller Blues, which Frank learned from an early recording of Garfield Akers and Joe Callicot. The two mule pieces come from the playing of Fiddling John Carson and the duo of Chitwood and Landress, all from Georgia.

Track list:

1. Woah Mule

2. When I Was A Cowboy

3. Sugar in the Gourd

4. Run Kitty Run

5. Elkhorn Ridge

6. Cripple Creek

7. Kickin' Mule

8. Little Gal'l Fool Me

9. Dough Roller Blues

10. Julianne Johnson

11. I've Always Been A Rambler

12. Great Big Taters in Sandy LandTwoTwTw

Adam Tanner has toured in both the US and Europe as a member of The Crooked Jades, The Hunger Mountain Boys, and The Twilite Broadcasters. As a staff member of The Swannanoa Gathering, Adam has taught at Old-Time, Fiddle and Mandolin & Banjo Weeks and is currently on staff at East Tennessee State University’s, Bluegrass, Old-Time and Country Music program.

Frank Lee was a founding member of The Freight Hoppers and has taught & coordinated Old Time Week in Elkins, WV and taught at Roots of American Music Week at Mars Hill University. He has worked in various other band and duo configurations across the country and in his hometown Bryson City, NC, where he currently works with his wife Allie playing folk, old time, bluegrass, and blues music.

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The Freight Hoppers is an old time string band that formed in 1993 in Bryson City, North Carolina. The high-energy arrangements and entertaining stage presence have made them desirable at bluegrass and old time festivals across America.


The band's current lineup is original fiddler David Bass, original banjo player/vocalist Frank Lee, guitar player/vocalist Allie Lee, and bassist Amanda Kowalski.

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