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This songbook was compiled by Pete Wernick (banjo player for Hot Rize and founder of Wernick Method bluegrass jam classes) and Liam Purcell (young mandolin player who grew up in the Junior Appalachian Musicians program).

It features classic bluegrass (and some old time) pieces with lyrics and chords in 1-4-5 format for playing easily in any key.

Allie uses these for teaching Wernick Method classes and sometimes for teaching banjo lessons too. While the traditional accuracy of some of the lyrics is suspect ("hot corn, cold corn, bring along a jimmy john"), it's still a great resource for the aspiring singer/picker of any instrument.

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The Freight Hoppers is an old time string band that formed in 1993 in Bryson City, North Carolina. The high-energy arrangements and entertaining stage presence have made them desirable at bluegrass and old time festivals across America.


The band's current lineup is original fiddler David Bass, original banjo player/vocalist Frank Lee, guitar player/vocalist Allie Lee, and bassist Amanda Kowalski.

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